Storage Units In Rosh Haayin

Do you happen to live or work in Rosh Haayin? It is not one of the biggest cities in Israel but it certainly has its charms and is recommended on all tourist routes as a place to visit.

Rosh Haayin was originally established just after the foundation of the State of Israel, in 1949.

A group of Yemenite Jews was rescued and brought to Israel and a large number of them settled in Rosh Haayin. Today the population numbers 56, 000 people and if you are one of them, you know what a pleasant location it is.

Rosh Haayin is situated in central Israel and just25 kms from Tel Aviv, Israel’s biggest and most populous city.

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Storage in Rosh Haayin

Do you have enough space in your apartment for all your belongings or is it getting a little crowded? We all buy more than we really need, particularly if you are into sports, as running machines, golf clubs and state of the art work out equipment, take up lots of space. Is your family growing, so there’s no longer a spare room, and all these toys have to be accommodated? What are you going to do with all the sports equipment you no longer use and certainly don’t have room for now?

The best solution is to think about putting items into storage. Using the service of a good storage centre is one of the best decisions you can make, freeing up space in your existing home or office, and giving you the option to bring back those items into your life when you may have more space for them sometime in the future.

But who to turn to?

Ribua Storage are undoubtedly the best storage operators in Israel. With over 20 years’ experience, they are considered the best because service is their number one priority. Whatever you need to know about putting your belongings in storage, Ribua are the people to speak to. Do you have large pieces of furniture like a grand piano, or a very large settee that you no longer have room for? Put them into storage. How much will that cost you? Just pick up the phone and Ribua will give you the answer. They have the best state of the art storage services to look after your belongings, with 24-hour camera-controlled security, in clean dry and insured premises. Easy to get to from all over Israel, and just 25 kilometres from you.

You can’t put a value on peace of mind. So pick up the phone to Ribua and they’ll just supply you with what you need. Storage? Yes please, Ribua.

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