Storage Units in Kfar Saba

Did you know that Kfar Saba was established over a hundred and twenty years ago by a small group of immigrants? Although its name goes back many centuries, to Roman times.

Today the population of Kfar Saba is over 110, 000 people and is a very desirable place to live and work so property prices and rents are at a premium. So, you must make every meter work for you. Perhaps like most of us you have accumulated possessions that you don’t need at the moment and they just take up space. But you don’t want to get rid of them in case you need them someday.

מבנה מחסנים להשכרה אחסון בריבוע
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apartment Storage units in Kfar saba

If you are short of space, or you have large pieces of furniture or sports equipment that you don’t have room for, using a storage centre is the best solution. Everyone is achieving more space in their home and more comfort in their surroundings by putting into storage the items they don’t use regularly. Could you create more space and comfort that way? If the answer is yes, then what’s the next step?

Who would you speak to?

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Ribua Storage is one of the best companies in the business. They have been servicing the storage needs of Kfar Saba’s residents for almost twenty years, with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Why should you choose Ribua?

Because top of their list of priorities is SERVICE, so you benefit. Anyone from Kfar Saba who calls Ribua whether for advice, an estimate for actual storage, or just a question or two about the best possible packing materials, will receive friendly courteous and helpful advice, and in English too, if you need it.

Ribua has 24 hours CCTV so that your precious belongings are protected at all times. Whatever you put into storage can be insured so that you can relax with total peace of mind that your belongings are safe.

Ribua are conveniently situated in easily accessible accommodation in the heart of the country, with excellent access from all main roads in Israel. Situated just twenty minutes from Kfar Saba, it will take no time at all for you to pop in and retrieve something that you need, once it’s in storage. Although very central, there’s plenty of parking too – even coffee!

State of the art storage services, clean and temperature controlled. This is a serious professional storage company, in a dedicated concrete building.

No headaches, no hassle, we just get the job done. 03-9211444