Short Term Storage

Have you ever thought about the enormous advantages of short-term storage?

and how it could make life so much easier for you??

You may well have never thought about short-term storage and how it could help you organize your life in Israel in so many different ways and situations.

So here are a few of the reasons why short-term storage could work for you.

מבנה מחסנים להשכרה אחסון בריבוע
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Going on a long holiday?

You’ve finally saved up enough money for that wonderful holiday you’ve been promising yourself. You’ve decided to rent out your apartment to help you finance the trip, but what do you do with all the good pieces of furniture that you don’t want to entrust to a group of renters whom you barely know? Put it into short-term storage, and have the peace of mind that your good pieces will be well looked after.

Are you redecorating?

Refurbishing the house or apartment where you live? Needed doing a while ago probably, as we all tend to put off these things until the last minute. And now it’s finally happening. One of the many things you need to take into consideration is where are you going to store all your furniture once the decorators move in? You need to investigate what short term storage services are available in Israel, where you can keep your good furniture safe and properly stored, and not worry that it’s going to get damaged by careless builders who could heaven forbid get paint on your beautiful curtains or upholstery, and possibly cause permanent damage. Just put those items into short term storage and that’s one less thing to worry about at this very stressful time.

Are you starting a new business?

There are so many things to worry about and take into consideration when you start a new business venture and somehow the exact amount of space you have may not one of the top priorities. But if your new office, shop, or working space is not ready and the new equipment arrives, where do you store it? If the smart new office furniture arrives, and the builders are still painting, what do you do with those elegant desks? If the new merchandise you want to put on shelves has arrived outside your door, but there are no shelves, what on earth do you do? Short-term storage is again your solution. It may only be for a month or two, but it removes a potentially large headache

Emotional attachments?

Do you perhaps have several pieces of furniture to which you are emotionally attached? Like the big piano that you and your siblings all played on and now you hope your kids will follow? But for some reason they are not interested? It sits in the middle of the salon taking up a huge amount of space, yet it hurts to get rid of it. Put it in short-term storage because the minute it goes, one of the kids will say, “Oh, where’s the piano? I thought it would be nice to start having lessons”.

Did you perhaps buy a beautiful antique chaise longue in a flea market many years ago? You had it re-upholstered and although you’re the only one in the family that likes it, it hurts to permanently get rid of it. Put it in short-term storage.

Moving house?

Every one knows this is one of the stressful events in one’s life. There are so many things to think about and one of them is will there be enough space for everything, and will all the new items arrive when they should, so that everything can be fitted and organized the way you hope it will be.

The most critical is the new kitchen and the new bathrooms. Obviously receiving them before the old ones are removed and new ones are ready to be installed creates a serious problem. So what do you do when the big truck sits outside the door of your new home with your new Italian kitchen that arrived 2 weeks early. You ordered it to arrive on a particular date, but sometimes in Israel things don’t always go according to plan!

Put your beautiful new kitchen into short-term storage for a couple of weeks and the problem is solved. When the new toilets and baths turn up a week before you can install them, your wife is blaming you for the too early delivery, just pick up the phone to the best short-term storage service in Israel, and everyone will be happy.

Are you an exporter or an importer?

Short-term storage can add considerably to the success of your business if you use it wisely. We all know that merchandise particularly for distant locations around the world does not always arrive on the specified date, and thus there is the big question of where to put those 150 cartons when you haven’t yet freed up the space for them. You try to empty your space to accept it but there’s no way that can happen. What do you do? Short-term storage services are the answer.

So how do you know who is the best? What are the priorities and what should you be looking for?

The most important thing is service. Whatever your needs may be, and of course everyone has slightly different considerations, the way the company and its personnel treat you will make all the difference. Here in Ribua we are not necessarily the cheapest, but the service you will get from our professional English speaking staff, who are friendly and knowledgeable, flexible and understanding makes all the difference, and means that we give you the best value for money.


Another consideration is where are they situated? Ribua is in the center of the countryand have 3 branches, in Petach Tikva, Tel-Aviv and Holon , close to the main highways of Israel, and therefore their premises are easily accessible to you at any time. If you are just storing short-term and you suddenly want to retrieve something, they are close by, and one phone call will enable you to be re-united with the chaise longue as quickly as possible!

Security and safety are vital.

Ribua Storage have 24-hour camera security so you know that your precious possessions are always safe. Their premises are clean, – did you know that many short-term storage services operate from what used to be cow sheds, and are not always as hygienic as you might like them to be! At Ribua Storage the space is climate and pest controlled, and the space can be rented for a little as a month. The units come in different sizes of course, and you only pay for the space your items occupy. No idea what it’s going to cost you? Pick up the phone to the helpful staff at Ribua and they will immediately give you a quotation so that you can calculate exactly what your costs are going to be. You will also know that every customer matter to Ribua staff, they are concerned about you and your belongings. As a result of which they are stored with care and consideration which makes all the difference.