Commercial Storage Units and Services
for Offices

  • Forced to leave the office and still have not found a new office?
  • You do not have any room to move around the office because of all the boxes?
  • Have you accumulated too many binders and archive boxes in the office?

In “Ribua Storage” you can find and rent storage units in all sizes and for any period that you like on a monthly basis.

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Commercial Storage Units

Most businesses change all the time, hopefully growing and needing more space. Rather than incurring extra expense by moving premises, perhaps a solution could be to consider commercial storage units. Perhaps you are running out of office space, and here again, office storage units could provide an efficient solution. The best thing about storage units is that you can take them up according to your needs at any time. Maybe you just need a few extra square meters for storing equipment, maybe just a little extra space for storing files that need to be kept. Maybe you have accumulated a lot of stock that your business can’t move at the moment – what do you do with it, as it takes up valuable space? How about if you have had to accept a large order that you cannot deliver, but you can do so within the next few months? For the time being, you are stuck with it. Well, you need to investigate storage units near you, and you will discover that they could provide you with the ideal solution to any of your space problems.

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The Benefits of a Storage Unit

 Financially, it obviously makes a lot of commercial sense to use commercial storage than pay the high prices of office rentals to store merchandise that you don’t need at the moment. Using the services of any kind of commercial storage unit or office storage unit is likely to be much cheaper and more affordable, clearly a wise business decision. Sometimes businesses need to downsize as they change with the marketplace. Perhaps you need to make a decision to spend less on your commercial real estate and move to smaller premises. What do you do with all the furniture, equipment, machinery, excess orders that you might have accumulated over the years? Once again commercial storage comes to the rescue.

But to whom do you turn?

Its important that you know that there are lots of different players in the market and you need to investigate who is the most suitable company for your needs. After a lot of research, the company that comes most highly recommended is Ribua.

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Why Choose Ribua Commercial Storage

Why? Firstly location. They are based in the centre of the country, close to Petach Tikva and all the major access roads of Israel. Secondly the company itself is top of any list in terms of efficiency and service. The staff are all courteous, helpful, English speakers, secondly because service is so important to them, they go the extra mile! Or kilometer! That means they are prepared to help you with your particular storage problems and sort them out for you. Whether you need a small unit for a month, or a huge unit for a couple of years, Ribua will give you the best possible deal, in a clean, safe, secure environment, where everything is fully insured and protected, everything is temperature controlled, and where you can gain easy access at almost any time, so if you need to retrieve something urgently, that’s not a problem. You will have a lock and key to your storage unit so only you can get access to your unit.

Most of all, if you put yourself into Ribua’s hands, you will have peace of mind and you can’t put a price on that.