Most of us in Israel live in compact apartments with not a lot of room to spare, and even if you’re lucky enough to live in a more spacious house, somehow or other we always manage to accumulate more furniture and equipment than we have room for. So, for every one of us, the time comes when we realise, we have to have a good clear out, and put some of our stuff in storage. It may be because you’re leaving the country and taking a job abroad for a while, it maybe because you’re down-sizing and so you have to find a temporary home for all that big furniture that the kids might want one day. Whatever the reason, more and more people are turning to self-storage to give them the flexibility of using their living space appropriately at any particular time. When the kids are small they need children’s toys, toy cars, children’s furniture, and trampolines and then, so quickly, they outgrow it all and are filling your house with roller blades, surf-boards and other teenage paraphernalia. You don’t want to give away all the little kids’ stuff just in case your nieces and nephews might want to make use of them some time in the future. So obviously, it’s outside self- storage that we all need.

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So why storage? And why Petach Tikva?

What’s the next step? Look around and see which is the best company for your particular needs. Spend a little time on research. Do you want your beautiful pieces stored in what was a cow shed? Is it important to you that the place is safe, secure, insured, and air-conditioned? Adequately protected from fire or damp? Personally, having done my research, I would only recommend Ribua Storage, who are perfectly placed in the right location, in Petach Tikva which is so central as to be one of the most sought after addresses for every type of business. Quite apart from that, the guys at Ribua are just the nicest people to deal with.

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But let’s get back to why Petach Tikva

Petach Tikva is known as Heart of the Center of Israel. Why? Because it is so centrally located as to be one of the most sought after locations for every type of business. Its special location is surrounded by the country’s four major highways – Highway 5, Highway 6 which crosses Israel,Cross, Highway 4, and the  Maccabit Highway.

In addition it is close to Ben Gurion International Airport – making it the heart of the country and an ideal location to live, work or do business. Why is it so important for you to have your stuffed stored at a centrally located Storage Center?

You may think that once you’ve put your belongings into storage, you can forget all about them for a few years. But you just never know. At any time, you might get a call that requires you to take out something you have in storage, and you have to call Ribua and explain that you need to retrieve something urgently. That’s where their amazing service really comes into its own. Nothing is a problem, nothing is too much trouble, and within half an hour you can be in Petach Tikva, and one of their super-helpful staff will be opening up your storage unit for you, and showing you all your possessions, and quickly locating the particular items you need. You will be amazed how easy and hassle-free it all is, and how good your stuff looks.



So why Ribua Self Storage you ask? First, because Ribua Self Storage is close to everywhere! It is located on Jabotinsky and Geha Interchange, 10 minutes from Tel Aviv, 10 minutes from Herzliya and 3 minutes from Ramat Gan, Ribua Self Storage has a Large parking and air-conditioned waiting room with coffee corner.

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We meet the strictest standards of safety, maintenance, and hygiene, so you will not have any unpleasant “surprises”! We are in a dedicated building, ventilated and built of concrete and not some renovated coop in a moshav or kibbutz.


Ribua storage has a first class service team, that will treat your belongings as their own, this ensures you are met with a smile and peace of mind. With 25 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Ribua storage the perfect choice for you.

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