Storage Units in israel

Almost everybody at sometimes in their lives needs a storage unit. We all need storage solutions from time to time as we grow out of our current accommodation, whether private or business and most of all we need the best self-storage company possible. Ribua Storage will give you the best service with efficient English-speaking staff, best value for money, and the ultimate that we are all searching for, peace of mind.

Who needs storage units?

We say almost everybody, because whether you live in a small apartment or an average sized house, one always seems to feel that more room is required just to enjoy and relax in our own homes. One seems to accumulate clutter around us for all sorts of reasons, and thus we need, more and more to find self-storage units to solve our space problems. Almost every company needs extra room to store goods particularly if you have a distribution company, and one can never be sure that one can empty merchandise and clear space for the next incoming packages. Public storage is the answer.

Private People

During our lives there will be inevitable changes. One of the most common, and most traumatic is moving to a new house. If you are down-sizing, then the reasons for needing storage units are quite clear. You want or maybe have to move to somewhere smaller but there are certain items that you want to keep. That beautiful grand piano that you bought for your son and you want to keep it in the family…that running machine that you really should start using again but you actually haven’t been near it for nearly 2 years. These are just an example of the sort of items that you may not have room for, but you want to keep. So, you need a self-storage unit.

מחסנים להשכרה לכל שימוש

Often, we find that we need to relocate to another city or another country. It may only be for a couple of years, but there is no way that you want to get rid of that beautiful Italian furniture that you bought, and there is no way that you want to leave it to unappreciative tenants if you are perhaps renting out the apartment. Self-storage is the answer, allowing you to keep your beautiful acquisitions that you simply don’t have space for now.

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So why do companies need to use storage units? In expanding economies, and if we consider that Corona will soon be behind us, and businesses will soon be back to normal growth patterns, then companies as you might expect, quickly outgrow their premises, and need to find storage units. Office rents are expensive and making space by putting things you do not need into public storage could save you a lot of money in taking larger premises. As offices grow, there is a frequent need to store furniture, equipment, machinery, and all of this can be put into self-storage, freeing up space for more vital company needs.

Sometimes companies need to keep documents for several years, particularly legal offices and businesses that have signed contracts. Instead of these papers taking up valuable space they can be put into self-storage archives, and thus they can be kept safe and dry, and always accessible if required. Distributors need self-storage because one can never be absolutely sure that merchandise can be moved in and out as needed. Thus, if a distributor needs to accept a big profitable delivery that he doesn’t have room for, it makes sense to free up the space, and move the unwanted merchandise into self-storage, until it needs to be distributed.


  • HOW MUCH SPACE DO YOU NEED? – Send Ribua a photo or give them a call and you’ll get an immediate answer as to how much space you need.
  • SECURITY – Be sure that your belongings are secure – Ribua has 24/7 alarm system and CCTV cameras so that you can have peace of mind that your belongings are safe.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – Ribua Storage is easily accessible on all main highways and conveniently located in the center of the country, in Petach Tikva just 15 minutes from Tel Aviv
  • INSURANCE – Everything stored at Ribua is fully insured against fire, water, theft, once again bringing you peace of mind.
  • CLEANLINESS – Take a look at the storage units (see them on the Ribua website) and see for yourself how everything is clean, and kept clean, with regular anti-pest treatment.
  • FLEXIBILITY – When you use public storage, it is important that the company is flexible, and can change dates and times according to your changing needs.

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Great customer service

Storing your possessions whether it is valuable pieces of furniture or equipment, or whether you are storing boxes or important papers, you need to know that you are in experienced hands. Ribua storage has over 20 years of experience in this field and their priority is customer service. We’ve done a thorough investigation, and top of Ribua’s list is their concern for the customer and the customers’ needs. Being greeted with a smile and friendly, helpful service at all times, and the feeling that the staff really care about your storage needs makes a big difference to your storage experience.

English Speaking Staff

Another advantage of using Ribua is that the staff are English speakers. The founder of the company is English, and although he has been in Israel for many years, his English attitude and courtesy, make storing at Ribua a pleasurable experience, and you feel like you are in a place that feels like home. From the moment someone answers the phone, and they hear that you are an English speaker, you will find a friend. Someone who really cares about your storage needs, and can understand what you want, especially if you’ve just arrived in the country, and don’t know the ropes yet.

Secure Location

There are many different types of public storage in Israel, and some of them believe it or not, are housed in sheds that have outgrown their original use. Of course, the security in these places may leave a lot to be desired. Security at Ribua is absolutely first-class. With 24/7 alarm system and CCTV throughout the areas, inside and out, you know without a doubt that your belongings, perhaps very valuable belongings, are totally safe and protected at all times. The right security gives you peace of mind. Ribua gives you peace of mind.

מבנה מחסנים להשכרה אחסון בריבוע

Years of Experience

Whatever company you choose to deal with, in whatever field, a little experience goes a long way. Ribua has a lot of experience, over 20 years in fact, so there is no problem that they haven’t had to deal with, no problem that they haven’t had to solve. They are used to dealing with small storage needs of perhaps just one or two items of furniture, like the piano that takes up too much space but you want to keep, to a whole house clearance, a lifetime of accumulated possessions. When you use a Ribua storage unit, you place your problems in their hands, their experienced hands.

One of the things that you may not have taken into consideration when choosing a self-storage company, is the fact that you may well need to have easy access to your stuff. Very often you will put something into storage, thinking that you may not need it for several years. Suddenly a phone- call

 “Dad, what happened to that piano you bought me 10 years ago? I’d like to start learning again”.

Ribua is easily accessible in the center of the country, Petach Tikva, just 15 minutes from Tel Aviv, which means that your cherished possessions are just minutes away.

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