Storage units In Ramat Gan

So you live or work in Ramat Gan. Lucky you. Busy bustling city, with every amenity you can think of, right in the heart of the country, and just minutes away from Tel Aviv, and all the international cultural activities, museums, theatres, and fine dining.

Looking for a storage unit around Ramat Gan? We will be more than happy to assist you.

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Storage in Ramat gan

But if you live or work in Ramat Gan, there are things that are important to know. At anytime in one’s life, you may need more space in your office or apartment. If you live in a medium sized apartment, it  may fill up so quickly with all the necessities of modern living and one day you may look around and say to yourself, “I’ve got to make some space here, and now!” You know you need a good storage unit. One that will take care of your precious possessions and keep them safe, until you need to retrieve them. So, what do you do? Did you know that Ribua Storage, the best and most professional storage company in Israel is now in Ramat Gan?  So, if you live in the city, they are just minutes away. Give them a call, tell them what you want to store and for long, and you’ll receive the best English style service and a quick answer as to how much it will cost you.

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Moving to a new apartment is an expensive business. You may not need to move at all because storage can save you money, and help you make the most use of every centimetre that you have. Sometimes people move, and still don’t realise that they have more stuff than their new home can accommodate. Help! As the boxes pile up in the corridors and in the middle of the salon, make the right decision, – Call Ribua. They will send a professional team to wrap and pack and create valuable space for you so you can relax and begin to live in comfort.


So why Ribua Self Storage you ask? First, because Ribua Self Storage is close to everywhere! It is located on Jabotinsky and Geha Interchange, 10 minutes from Tel Aviv, 10 minutes from Herzliya and 3 minutes from Ramat Gan, Ribua Self Storage has a Large parking and air-conditioned waiting room with coffee corner.

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We meet the strictest standards of safety, maintenance, and hygiene, so you will not have any unpleasant “surprises”! We are in a dedicated building, ventilated and built of concrete and not some renovated coop in a moshav or kibbutz.


Ribua storage has a first class service team, that will treat your belongings as their own, this ensures you are met with a smile and peace of mind. With 25 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Ribua storage the perfect choice for you.

Ribua has the strictest standard of professional and service, in safe and clean buildings where your beloved belongings will be looked after. When you arrive to take home that beautiful antique chaise longue that you don’t have room for now, it will still look just as good. Put your trust in Ribua storage and sleep well at night. Peace of mind is beyond value.

Self Storage in Ramat gan

Got just a few small things to store? Want to pack them up yourself? Want to deliver them personally to the storage unit? No problem. All of this is possible with Ribua, Israel’s best value-for-money storage company.

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