Storage Units In Tel-Aviv

Many superlatives can be said about the city of Tel Aviv. The only thing that cannot be said about Tel Aviv is that it is a spacious city. Most of the population in the central area must deal with real estate constraints, limited living space and with density of objects inside the house. Renting a storage unit can provide a fair price solution.

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Storage in Tel Aviv

So, you’ve moved to Tel Aviv? Lucky you! The city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most exciting locations in the world, where glorious sandy beaches and 5-star hotels meet the best of international culture, museums, theatre, art galleries and world-class opera. But Tel-Aviv is a small city, compact and closely built as a result of which, space is at a premium, and apartments are not cheap. Every square meter matters and costs. So, if you’ve just moved into a new apartment in the center of Tel-Aviv you need to maximize the usage of every centimeter. As you start to unpack your boxes and suitcase, it may well become obvious that you are going to need extra room for all your gear. As it all piles up in the center of your salon, you realize that you have to investigate the storage possibilities close to where you are now living. What are the storage facilities in Tel Aviv? Fortunately, you are just a few minutes’ drive from the best self-storage operator in the country, Ribua Storage, who are based in Petach Tikvah, which is a suburb of Tel Aviv.  Centrally located and easily accessible if you happen to want to retrieve anything, once you’ve stored it away safely.

Self storage in Tel Aviv

Small amount of stuff to store? Going to do it all yourself? Dead easy. Especially in Tel Aviv. You can rent small units very reasonably, for either a short- or long-term period, and if you want to, you can pack it yourself, you can wrap it yourself, you can deliver it to Ribua, the most reliable self-storage operators in the area. Within just a minute they will give you a quotation of exactly what it’s going to cost you to self store in Tel Aviv, and actually, physically do the job, if that’s what you want. They will send professional people to pack and wrap, and deliver the stuff to their storage units. Whatever works best for you and what is most economical for the amount of stuff that you have. What could be easier? And what you gain is more space, less clutter, and being able to enjoy living in comfort in this amazing city.

Ribua Storage are the most efficient and service-oriented storage unit in Tel Aviv and are there to answer all your questions.

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So why Ribua Self Storage you ask? First, because Ribua Self Storage is close to everywhere! It is located on Jabotinsky and Geha Interchange, 10 minutes from Tel Aviv, 10 minutes from Herzliya and 3 minutes from Ramat Gan, Ribua Self Storage has a Large parking and air-conditioned waiting room with coffee corner.

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We meet the strictest standards of safety, maintenance, and hygiene, so you will not have any unpleasant “surprises”! We are in a dedicated building, ventilated and built of concrete and not some renovated coop in a moshav or kibbutz.


Ribua storage has a first class service team, that will treat your belongings as their own, this ensures you are met with a smile and peace of mind. With 25 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Ribua storage the perfect choice for you.