Apartment Self Storage

Apartment contents storage services

Apartment storage service is designed to provide solutions for transition periods such as:

  • Flights abroad for long periods
  • When there is no overlap between the time of leaving the old apartment and the time of entering the new apartment
  • During renovation periods
  • Valuable equipment that is not in daily use
  • Goods, importers, exporters
  • Your archive, archived documents
  • Inheritance storage
  • Storage for businesses – seasonal equipment, goods that have no place in the business
מבנה מחסנים להשכרה אחסון בריבוע
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Apartment And Furniture Storage

Today everybody’s talking about furniture storage! Why? Everyone, for lots of different reasons, seems to have the need to find storage solutions for the clutter that we all accumulate. Corona has been a major catastrophic world occurrence, and at the same time, it has brought about many changes in our lifestyles. Firstly, we are all having to spend much more time at home So what does that mean? We have time to look around our houses and apartments and see what we need and what we don’t need, and we see how we can create more space and comfort if we looked at the possible self-storage solutions that are available. We have a small bedroom that we turned into a little gym, but I’m ashamed to it is months since I actually got onto the treadmill. And the bicycle that my wife swore she would say use if I only bought her the best state of the art machine (and I did!) sits silently, unused and unloved. I started to talk to other friends who were discussing self-storage apartments, and I realized that I could completely clear out that unwanted sports equipment from the third bedroom, and create a perfectly adequate office, with enough space for me and my wife who is an interior designer and needs space for plans and drawings.


How Apartment Storage Works With Us

There are always lots of foreign visitors coming to Israel for short or long stays. Those who are coming for a number of years often bring with their entire home of beautiful furniture and sports equipment that they acquired in Europe or the U.S.A. and when they get here, they find to their dismay that there just isn’t enough room in their new home. What can they do? They need to find a self-storage solution so that their precious belongings we be kept in good condition, until they return to their country of origin or until they move to a bigger place, once they’ve decided they would like to stay in the land of sunshine. When choosing a storage solution, it is essential, especially if you’re a foreign visitor, that you find a company where everyone speaks English, and where there is someone on hand to show you the ropes. There are so many things to deal with and worry about when you move and settle in a new country, but Ribua storage is the one company that can give you the peace of mind that you need to clear away all the stuff that you don’t have room for. The movers will come on the day you selected and for a very reasonable rent, will take your belongings, insure them, wrap them keep them warm and dry, and look after them until you are ready to take them back. Who is Ribua? And why them? They are located in the center of the country, so it’s always easy to get there and to gain access if you need to, their staff speaks English, (the founder was English) and he insists on the highest possible standards pf service. Their prices are NOT the cheapest in the land but your belongings will not be paced in an old cow shed, but will be in an air-conditioned unit where everything is protected from damp, insects, and rodents and insured against fire or theft. How long will you rent for? Entirely up to you and your timetable. There are many different situations that cause people to turn to self-storage, and whatever they are, it is an efficient solution to give you more space, more convenience and more room to live in comfort and convenience. Ribua does the job.