Storage Units In Modi'in

Modiin is one of Israel’s greatest modern building projects, creating an entire city with every kind of cultural, educational, and social need fulfilled out of nothing. Twenty-five years ago, Modiin was just a huge empty piece of land. Today it is a large thriving city of 95,000 people who all enjoy the many benefits Modiin has to offer its residents. If you are lucky enough to be one of them, you will know that because of its popularity, Modiin apartment prices are high. Therefore, you have to make every metre work.

Do you have enough space in your home or office? Could you make it more comfortable by sorting out stuff you don’t use all the time and perhaps putting it into storage?

מבנה מחסנים להשכרה אחסון בריבוע
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Storage in Modi'in

Storage is one of the fastest growing sectors of the property industry as more and more people come to realise how much sense it makes to cut down on the amount of equipment, furniture, and other bulky items that they may not use as much as they thought they would, but at the same time they don’t want to get rid of it, just in case they have may need it sometime in the future. Are you downsizing? Needed to begin a new life in a smaller space? Storage is the answer. Are you perhaps needing to find space for items you have ordered for a new home but the new home is not ready to take them? Kitchens are a favourite in this category particularly if they come from abroad as it is sometimes difficult to coordinate their arrival with the convenience of fitting the kitchen as soon as it arrives. Once again storage provides you with that option.

There are several storage companies available in Israel but the only one that gives you the best value for money is Ribua Storage who has been serving the needs of Modiin residents for nearly twenty years. Their English speaking, service-oriented staff deal with every query politely and within minutes. That puts Ribua at the top of the Storage tree.

Want to store a large amount of furniture or perhaps just a single chair? How much will it cost me is obviously your first question. Give Ribua a call and you’ll get an immediate answer. Situated in 4 different state of the art storage centres with convenient access from all the main roads of Israel, you know that if your precious items are stored with Ribua, you know they are safe and controlled by 24 CC TV and insured.

Ribua gives you peace of mind. Can’t put a price on that!

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