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Private locked rooms. Regular cleaning Friendly experienced staff. Open daily. Concrete purpose-built. Alarm 24/7. CCTV. Smoke + Sprinkler System Trolleys and forklift. 1000′s of satisfied clients. Business license. 5 Minutes from Tel Aviv!
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Personal, Professional service

Basically, most storage companies offer the same storage services but HOW they do it is what will make all the difference to you. How you are treated from the moment the phone is answered, until the last payment is finished, is what will give you the comfortable feeling that you are dealing with professionals. Ribua storage has a first class service team, who will treat your belongings as their own, .You will always be greeted with a smile, and if it is important to you, someone who speaks English. You will always receive English-style service, and that is important to everyone. With 25 years’ experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, Ribua is the one storage company that can give you peace of mind. Ribua storage is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.

Close and Convenient Location

Where are we? And why is it important? We believe that being central and easily accessible makes all the difference to our clients. If you need to get access to your unit, perhaps to retrieve something you suddenly need, or you have an extra item that you want to store, it is SO convenient for you to just pop in to one of our centrally located units. We are just off Jabotinsky Geha next to Migdal Insurance in Kiriyat Arieh IZ Petach Tikva, 10 mins from Tel Aviv, Herzaliya, 3 mins from Ramat Gan, Givatayim. Lots of free parking, waiting room with A/C and you will always be offered a welcoming hot/cold drink. We also have 2 further units in Tel Aviv and Holon, INSERT ADDRESSES all centrally located for your convenience.

Safe and Insuranced storage

Many storage units are to be found in old kibbutzim or moshavim, where old cow sheds and chicken barns are now converted for the purpose of storing your belongings. Why does that matter? Because your belongings deserve to be professionally looked after, perhaps insured if there are items of great value, and certainly temperature controlled. Israel suffers from problems of damp and humidity because of the climate, which can seriously damage books, photographs and documents, and so it is essential that your items are stored in a purpose-built concrete building, which is temperature controlled and also controlled by 24 hour CCTV so you know your valuables are safe and protected. We take pride in keeping our self -storage units clean, and safe with the highest levels of health and safety, with an insurance policy and certification to match.

Convenient Opening Hours

When are we open? Open every day apart from Shabbat and Chagim (INSERT HOURS) with a massive free car park, 24 hour security, a comfortable waiting room and kitchen for all your needs. We will be happy to look after you for as long as necessary until all your goods are safely stored. Tea and coffee on the house of course!

Quick transportation service

We have 6 teams of highly professional movers. They are friendly, experienced, and understand the need to look after your belongings with great care. They know how to pack, move items around, take them up and down stairs and around difficult corners. Have you ever seen a large refrigerator being carried up several flights of stairs strapped to the back of an experienced mover? It is a sight to behold! Each team of movers is chosen to fit your style and budget but each one will give you 100% service. Move and store with peace of mind at Ribua Storage knowing we are here for every little detail, and whatever you are concerned about, we are concerned about and will not rest until you are satisfied.

Customized solution, Complicated?

Do you have a special situation? Is it complicated? That’s great, we love complicated because we love the challenge. Every day, someone is coming forward with something difficult that requires everyone to dedicate themselves to finding a solution, and that is what we are here for. We find solutions. Storage solutions that would not have seemed possible, but we at Ribua make it happen, because we are experienced and totally service-orientated. Because we make it simple, together we find a solutions to every challenge. Give us a call and we will help. Join the hundreds of clients who stored with us and left smiling!