Cumulative experience of 25 years and unique expertise in providing storage services, apartment storage, equipment storage, furniture storage, storage of apartment contents and more, are what made Ribua Storage Units to provide Leading storage services, at a level of service and quality never seen before in Israel.

מבנה מחסנים להשכרה אחסון בריבוע
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How to Choose the Right Storage Unit?

So, after what has probably been a great deal of thought and time, and lots of discussions with your colleagues or your family, you have come to the wise conclusion that the best thing that you can do with all your excess furniture, equipment, office requirements that you are simply not using, is to put […]

Why Renting a Storage Is Better Than Moving To a Bigger Office

So, it’s becoming clear that you simply do not have enough space in your office for the number of people who work there and their various work activities. Your staff are complaining that they don’t have enough room to work, sit, even breathe and you know that there seems to be only one answer. Not […]

Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Containers – Which is it To Be?

So, you’ve done it! After maybe months and months of planning, you’ve signed the contracts, money has changed hands and you’re actually moving. Thousands of things to think about, dozens of lists to make, and you know how important it is to be as organized as you can. Perhaps you’ve downsized, like so many people […]


“After many years of living in a big house, we have finally sold it, and we are down-sizing to something much smaller. This means that we simply do not have the space for lots of pieces of furniture, several pieces of sports equipment, like golf clubs, and a running machine and certainly no space for […]

How to Store Furniture

Many of us think about the need to store any unwanted furniture but we seldom think about how important it is to do it in the right way. What are the most important aspects of storing your furniture carefully so that when you come to collect it many months or even years later, it is […]

Moving and Storing A Refrigerator

Close to 100% of homes, offices and public buildings in Israel contain one or more refrigerators. It is the most common electrical appliance which we have found we can hardly live without. And it is one of the most common items that are placed in a storage facility. But it is usually the biggest and […]

How to Store Electric Equipment

At Ribua Storage, we consider every possibility and every potential problem that might occur in storing a customer’s belongings. Our staff are fully trained in the understanding of what are the requirements of different items that need to be stored, and so just a phone call to any one of them will point you in […]

Retail and Commercial Storage, Peace of mind

retail storage There are hundreds of retail stores all over Israel who regularly receive new stock to replace what has hopefully been sold. Any retailer understands that in order to run an efficient store, he needs to take delivery of new stock on a regular basis, have somewhere to keep it until he is ready […]

Furniture Storage In Tel Aviv

Do you live or work in Tel Aviv? The city that never sleeps, that is 24 hours a day of non-stop action, and packed with people. Tel Aviv is full of apartment buildings, glorious beaches and parks, and everyone wants to live there. But Tel Aviv is a very small city and so apartment space […]

Renting Out Your Place?

In Israel at any time there are thousands of apartment owners who for different reasons are renting out their apartments. Firstly, if you’re going away for a short or long period, it’s a great way to make some extra cash. If you have moved to a larger home, and you’re fortunate to have kept the […]

Equipment Self Storage

Many of us acquire pieces of equipment, particularly sports equipment that tends to be bulky and takes up lots of space. Last year my son decided we had to buy our own treadmill as we all needed to start exercising and to get fit, and the Gym was expensive. So, in a moment of weakness, […]

Essential Tips for Long Term Storage

So, what is long term storage? And if you need it, how can you be sure what are the essential things to look for in a long term storage Company? What do you need to know to make sure that you get what you need? Firstly, we never know when changes come about in our […]

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

I’ve just come out of the army. It was tough, it was great, it was an unmissable experience. But now it’s time for me to breathe, have fun, see the world. So, South America, particularly Peru, here I come. While I was in the army, I was happy to come home whenever I was on […]

Storage solutions during apartment reconstruction Storage solutions

So, one evening I looked around the apartment and I said to my beloved,  “You know something? This place looks tired. Just a bit shabby. Do you agree?”  Of course, he barely looked up from his newspaper but grunted a bit. And in reply said, “Whatever you say dear.” So, I continued. “I really feel […]

Storage Furniture

I have looked around my apartment so many times and thought to myself that I must get rid of some of this clutter. Too much furniture, not enough space. But there are so many things I want to keep! I don’t want to sell or get rid of so many things. What should I do? […]


You’re looking for self storage – what are the criteria? So, everyone knows don’t they, that when you downsize, you suddenly realize how much furniture and household goods you have acquired over the years and one of the hardest parts of moving is deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. And when […]

Tips for store furniture in a storage units

I have looked around my apartment so many times and thought to myself that I must get rid of some of this clutter. Too much furniture, not enough space. But there are so many things I want to keep! I don’t want to sell or get rid of so many things. What should I do? […]

Mini Storage Unit

Do you want to rent a mini storage unit to store your personal items or business archive? How much do you know about storage units? Do you know how to spot a good storage unit and how to pick the right company? If you don’t, there is no need to fret, in this article you […]

Private Storage Units

PRIVATE STORAGE UNIT The thought of moving from one house or office is a lot to deal with.  However, having to worry about the extra luggage or archive files can sap your energy. Contacting the right storage company and renting a private storage unit for your crates, files and suitcases will make your moving seamless. […]