Long term storage

You know how you buy a treadmill and after a while it became a clothes rack? The closets are full of things that you have used for years? Need more room to the furniture that you do not use but do not want to sell? There is a solution – your own personal warehouse.
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Long term storage

Storage capacity is a long-term service provided by Ribua Storage – Storage Center offers storage rental services. Ribua Storage and additional storage centers are very large spaces divided into hundreds of small warehouses available for rent for private use. Warehouse rental price is measured by the size of the cubic meters that you need for a long-term storage. Every warehouse has its own private area, with a private door and lock to protect the content. These warehouses offer storage services such as protection against rodents, birds, fire protection against intrusion, cleaning and ventilation, etc. Also they are operating according to regulations and standards imposed by law whether you use the warehouse for storing the contents of a long-term, or for a short-term storage, logistic storage for your business, storage of apartment or any other purpose. When you store the contents of your home in a self storage such as Ribua Storage, you will sleep well at night and be sure your precious belongings enjoy perfect storage conditions.

The benefits of storing for long-term

Price – you can usually get a better price if the customer undertake a long period of two years and above. It’s very financially worthwhile, while the real estate bubble has grown and prices climb up here you will enjoy a very low price for your personal storage where you can put all the things you do not use everyday and rent a smaller apartment in a sane price.

Space – in Israel real estate prices are so expensive, personal warehouse considered a luxury, houses that have a storage space have a big advantage. Part of the service of the long term storage located in the center, is that you can rent a storage space at any size you want, and this area is available for you, and only for you, every day and every hour you desire. it is protected from theft, resistant to fire and moisture. Biggest advantage of long term storage is that the warehouse gives you the room or area that you are so missing at home. Only long-term storage can provide this service.

Some tips for storing the contents for long-term:

• Store only the things that will not need for the next year or two as books that you didn’t open for years, or clothes that you don’t ware but not really want to donate, old furniture or sentimental objects.
• It is important to pack each of item individually, special bags for clothes, don’t put too many books in one box, it might be torn in transit, it is recommended to divide the number of cardboard boxes.
• Items which are expensive as dinner service or electronic equipment we recommend to wrap with plastic several times.
• In transport wrap an entire refrigerator using plastic, several times with the doors, so it remains firmly shut and protected from dust, however in the storage we recommend leaving the refrigerator door open a little for protection from moss and damp.
• Prefer to pack in small boxes to make better use of the room volume.
If you own a business and are interested in storage logistics, Ribua Storage has excellent storage solutions especially for you, in any size you need, available for you.

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