Tips for Storing Furniture

Moving home is always complicate and never straightforward, To lighten your load a little and to make the move more efficient for furniture storage, here are a few tips
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Tips for Storing Furniture

1. Dismantling cupboards for storage: When taking cupboards apart be sure to keep all of the fixing screws etc. in a separate bag which is securely fixed to one of the pieces so that reassembly can go smoothly later on.

2. Endeavor to ask the carrier to wrap the delicate items of furniture [ dining and lounge suites and sideboards], in close-wrapped nylon since they will be better protected: both in transportation and in storage.

3. Be very sure to empty all water from washing machines, dish-washers, and ‘Mini-Bar’ appliances before transporting.

4. Storing of Refrigerators:
In the store be sure to leave the doors open a little to prevent the accumulation of damp and mould.

5. When packing, smaller packages are preferable [ ~40 -50cm] in order to enable the carriers to move them around more easily, to maximize the use of the space available in the storage unit which saves space.

For more tips storing furniture is our area of expertise. For more than 26 years we have stored furniture, equipment and flat and business contents and supplies. Our clients enjoy our secure and professional services both clean & Accessible .

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