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Moving home is always complicated and never straightforward, To lighten your load a little and to make the move more efficient for furniture storage, here are a few tips

מבנה מחסנים להשכרה אחסון בריבוע
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Look around your house or apartment and every one of us will see pieces of furniture that we don’t really need, we don’t really use on a regular basis, and worst of all they are just taking up space. You may be looking at items of value, a beautiful piece of antique furniture, an elegant but huge grand piano, a large arm-chair that really is too big for the room. What do you do with them? You don’t want to sell them as you may well have need of these items, or maybe the kids will want them some time in the future. If you don’t know if that ‘sometime in the future’ is a month, a year or even longer, clear them out and make room. Put them into a good storage unit where your items will be looked after, so you will find them in excellent condition when you go to pick them up. Check out all the storage units available in Israel and we feel sure that for many different reasons, you’ll choose Ribua Storage.


Every company accumulates junk and stuff that they do not need and do not use on a regular basis, however the inclination to just keep it hanging around outweighs the inclination to clear the space. Don’t give in to this. Regularly clear out what you don’t need now and put it into storage. Wherever your company is, wherever your offices are, you can make them more efficient and more cost-effective, if you make sure that you use your space wisely.

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Storing Furniture tips

1. Dismantling cupboards for storage: When taking cupboards apart be sure to keep all of the fixing screws etc. in a separate bag which is securely fixed to one of the pieces so that reassembly can go smoothly later on.

2. Endeavor to ask the carrier to wrap the delicate items of furniture [ dining and lounge suites and sideboards], in close-wrapped nylon since they will be better protected: both in transportation and in storage.

3. Be very sure to empty all water from washing machines, dish-washers, and ‘Mini-Bar’ appliances before transporting.

4. Storing of Refrigerators:
In the store be sure to leave the doors open a little to prevent the accumulation of damp and mould.

5. When packing, smaller packages are preferable [ ~40 -50cm] in order to enable the carriers to move them around more easily, to maximize the use of the space available in the storage unit which saves space.

For more tips storing furniture is our area of expertise. For more than 26 years we have stored furniture, equipment and flat and business contents and supplies. Our clients enjoy our secure and professional services both clean & Accessible .


But be sure that you select the right storage company as they are not all born equal. There are storage units that are way out of town, which makes it very inconvenient for you if you need to retrieve your goods in a hurry. There are storage units that are housed in old cow sheds on kibbutzim, again not the ideal place for merchandise that you want to be sure is kept clean and in perfect condition.

Ribua Storage offers the highest service of storage facilities in four different locations throughout the center of Israel. All easily accessible (two in Petach Tikva, one in Holon and one in Tel Aviv itself) all efficiently run and managed by a well-trained and experienced staff (who speak English by the way) and who will be only too happy to give you an estimate of what quality storage will cost you. They will also guide you as to what size unit you ideally should take to save you money and protect your goods. All Ribua Units are controlled by 24-hour security cameras so you know your merchandise is safe. The units are clean, temperature controlled, pest and insect-free, and fully insured. An added service is that of accepting delivery on your behalf which means that you can send a delivery directly to Ribua, you don’t have to wait around possibly for several hours, saving you valuable time. Ribua will also send out a delivery on your behalf – just give them the address and the job are done. All this at no extra charge because Ribua believes that service is one of the most important things they have to offer a client, and when this is a company’s policy, you know that you are going to be well looked after by a staff that cares about your items and that all problems will be taken care of. Need to change the date or the time at the last minute?  No problem. Ribua takes everything in their stride and is flexible enough to work with you so that you have total peace of mind.

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