Storage Units in Shoham

Are you lucky enough to live or work in Shoham? Shoham is a delightful young town, situated in the centre of Israel with a small thriving population. It is perfectly located just a short drive from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and at present only 21,000 residents live there. Its reputation has grown for its high standard of living, with excellent cultural and educational facilities. Its residents benefit from urban development and green parks, and it is exceptionally well managed. However pleasant it is, the day may come when you will look around your apartment and say, “Hey, I need more space!”

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As our families grow, we acquire more clutter and as the children grow up and toys become sports equipment, everyone seems to suffer from the same complaint of needing more space. That is why self-storage is one of the fastest growing areas in property, as every single section of society needs to use a storage centre at some time in their lives.

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So how does it work?

First of all, you need to take a good look around your apartment and list what is taking up space unnecessarily. Is it that state of the art running machine you bought two years ago, and have hardly used? Is it sitting in the spare bedroom taking up space that you would like to use for an office? Or worse, is it sitting in the salon, because you have nowhere else for it to go? Put it into storage. And get a room back.

Do you see endless piles of clothes that the kids don’t wear any longer, but they don’t want to get rid of? How about the beautiful piano you bought hoping the kids would play but they have not shown the slightest interest? Put it into storage. Not all storage companies are created equal and it is essential that you do your homework to see who the best companies are. Some storage companies operate out of what used to be cowsheds in kibbutzim, but some have purpose built buildings with 24-hour security, so you can be sure your belongings are safe at any time. They best buildings are temperature controlled so you don’t have to be concerned about damp, which can be a big problem when storing goods in this country. Check out the location of the storage centre. Make sure that its central so that you can get there easily, especially if you want to retrieve something you suddenly need, like that pair of skis you put into storage thinking you wouldn’t use them again for a while, and suddenly a group of friends has decided to go to Hermon.

Why Ribua?

We have done the homework for you and we consider Ribua Storage to be the best in the business. Their service is top class, they are very centrally and conveniently situated, and their prices are fair and reasonable. Most of all, they will answer all your questions whether you want to store a set of golf clubs, or a whole house full of furniture if you’re re-locating.

If you’re actually moving apartments, Ribua will give you excellent service in all the issues of packing, what size cartons you need, what to wrap, whether in paper or bubble-wrap. Their professional packers and movers can create valuable space for you and when your new kitchen turns up early and you’ve nowhere to put it, Ribua will store it for you, until you’re ready to take delivery. Now we can all understand why storage centres are such a big growth area – everyone needs one at some time. Look around your apartment. It could be now!

Pick up the phone to Ribua and let them give you peace of mind.

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