Storage Services for Business and Small Importers

Every business proprietor, small or large, knows that in order to succeed, ones logistics must work like a swiss watch. Customers who receive their goods on time and undamaged, recommend to friends and will come back to buy again. Therefore one should pick a storage unit centrally located to reduce on delivery time and delivery costs and increase client satisfaction.

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Why does a small business need storage services?

Every small business dreams of the day when it will be a big business. But the growing stages can sometimes present certain challenges. The biggest one is space. If the business needs to store more goods than it has space for, in order to fulfil future orders, what does it do? If a business suddenly has an opportunity to buy a large amount of stock at a great price, but there is no space to store it, what does it do? How does a small business cope with other people’s delivery schedules, and delivery dates that are promised but, for all sorts of reasons, are not fulfilled?  In Tel Aviv, as in most major cities of the world, space is at a premium and rents are high. Therefore, it makes good sense to look at alternatives when the need may be temporary. The best answer? Storage services.

Just open your mind to the various options and advantages that storage units can give you, and you will be amazed at the flexibility and benefits that you can enjoy. You simply store the items you have no space for until you’re ready to ship them out and take your profit.

And who is the best in the business? Undoubtedly Ribua Storage Services.

Are you an electrical contractor?

On-line Business?

Frequently electricians need to use certain machinery and pieces of equipment for a particular job, but they just don’t have anywhere to put it safely at the end of each day. Don’t turn down the business, because whatever the size of the items, and whatever their value, you can use storage services. This will give you peace of mind that the equipment is secure and will allow you to use the machinery for just as long as you need it. Using a storage company allows you to accept every contract and improve your bottom line.

More and more people are selling on-line and it’s not always easy to co-ordinate the amount of stock you need to keep at home with the number of orders likely to come in. Perhaps you had an opportunity to purchase a large consignment online at a great price with the intention of selling it on. That’s fine but where do you keep it until it’s all sold? Storage units will allow you to do that for a short or long period of time giving you maximum profit and allowing you to make the most of a particular business opportunity.

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Do you have a seasonal business?

Are you a builder and decorator?

Perhaps you have a business that specializes in selling products for a particular time of year, like Pesach or Chanukah. What do you do with merchandise that many be left over and you don’t have room to store it at home until the festival comes round again in 12 months’ time? Put those items into storage and make the profit on them when the time comes around.

Sometimes you may get a large profitable job which entails large expensive equipment that you only need for this particular job. Where do you keep it? If you need extra space, renting a storage unit is the perfect answer. You rent just what space you need for as much or little time as you need.

Are you an importer?

Are you an exporter?

Every importer struggles with delivery dates that were promised and perhaps not fulfilled. Goods arrive early, and you’ve nowhere to put them if your customer cannot take early delivery. So put them into Ribua Storage where they will be taken care of until you can deliver them.

Exporter are always victims of timing problems. You need to export a whole lot of merchandise at once but it’s not all ready for distribution and you need the space for another order. You have to clear it out. What should you do with it? Put it in storage, – problem solved.

Why should you choose Ribua Storage Services?

Firstly, Ribua has no less than FOUR storage units in the center of the country. Two are in Petach-Tikva, one in Holon and one in the big city of Tel Aviv itself. All the units are easily accessible which is very important if you need to get things out urgently. And if you need a 24hour service, just call the helpful courteous staff at Ribua and that can always be arranged.

Ribua staff speak English, care about your needs and will advise and guide you on how much space you should be renting and the most economical way to do it. The company is totally service-orientated, and ensures that every transaction runs smoothly. You can sleep at night knowing that your goods in your storage unit are safe and secure with 24 hour round the clock security cameras, clean,  dry, and pest-controlled, so that your items are completely protected, and you can be sure that when you retrieve your items, they will be in the condition that you left them. Another big plus – we can sign for your goods so you can have items shipped to us directly. Similarly we can undertake to ship your goods out from our storage units so you don’t even have to be here. All part of the service. Call Ribua. One phone call and you’ll see what we mean.

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