Storage Services for Business and Small Importers

Every business proprietor, small or large, knows that in order to succeed, ones logistics must work like a swiss watch. Customers who receive their goods on time and undamaged, recommend to friends and will come back to buy again. Therefore one should pick a storage unit centrally located to reduce on delivery time and delivery costs and increase client satisfaction.

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Look for a storage unit close to your clientele. Ichsun beribua prides itself on being located with 5 minutes from the major suburbs of Tel Aviv.

After having found a place which will answer the demands and which will be close and accessible.

Storage Services for Business and Storage Service for Small Importers – Setting up alarm systems, in accordance with the insurers’ requirements, fire protection permits and local authority permits, which oblige to run around ceaselessly, payments of taxes and of local authority charges etc. etc etc. for more information see our Storage Services

When will you have time to get selling?

With “Ichsun B’ribu’a” Storage Services for Business and  Storage Service for Small Importers  – Storage for Hire, situated in the middle of Gush dan, close to Mechlaf Gaheh, in a reinforced concrete building.

The structure is divided into units and areas of every size and volume.

For each client we match the storage unit to their specific needs.

The storage units suitable for loading and unloading, with daily access morning and afternoon.

The storage facilities of “Ichsun B’ribu’a” conform with every requirement of insurance companies, with fire prevention services and with the regulations of the Petah Tikvah Municipality which are the most stringent in Israel.

“Ichsun B’ribu’a” possesses the most advanced alarm systems, centrally connected, security cameras, fire and smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, pest elimination and cleanliness on an ongoing basis, and more…

With us, you’ll be able to do your selling!!

It’s no wonder that so many business men and importers have decided to rent storage space in “Ichsun B’ribu’a.”

There’s no need to worry about permits, to run around lots of different bureaucratic bodies and to dissipate your valuable time.

With “Ichsun B’ribu’a” you will receive an area which will serve you which you will pay for just the rental cost of two months – without Council Charges andother taxes, and without the obligations for any other period.

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